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LittlespaceOnline.com was a dream community birthed online in late March of 2015 after the founder felt a deep loneliness and longing for a community targeted for all ageplayers, adult babies, age regressors, Caregivers, littles, middles, and more with real, steady structure and online safety measures for the entire community.

Initially, resources were developed to help educate persons not already involved in CGL relationship dynamics or who were new to understanding their little, age regressive feelings and personalities. As time as continued on we have moved forward with developing resources to help even tenured age regressors and their loved ones better understand themselves on deeper levels. We intend to continue developing our resources throughout the years because we believe in the community health and happiness stemming from self-awareness and mutual respect, understanding, and care.

Throughout the past couple of years there have been both community ups and downs, as the community is forever growing, evolving, and developing to become a better entity. The site supporters have earned a special place into the community's hearts though since they have given in support of LittlespaceOnline.com's existence and goals.

All funds received have gone entirely toward the site maintenance, growth, server hosting, security measures, and coding updates. With the site Supporters LittlespaceOnline.com has reached a few goals, such as a free community chat system, multiple months of paid hosting, and updated security measures for community safety. Recently we have separated our personals ads section into a full-fledged dating site, DateCGL.com, for the community to continue evolving while bettering the understanding of respect and consent with online communication.

We thank our LittlespaceOnline.com and DateCGL Supporters at all contribution and assistance levels. There just aren't enough words to say, "Thank you," properly but we hope that the gifts we offer in return are fulfilling towards Supporter offerings and assistance to our continued growth.

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