Our ultimate goal is to bring people together. A huge part of that means making sure that the people gathering and interacting with one another have common partnership goals and special interests. We aren't like the other, unmoderated sites that you've still not found a partner through. We have to be selective to maintain this successful dating site.

We don't accept accounts for:

X Roleplay only
X "Platonic" partnering
X “Friends only”
X Friends with benefits
X "No strings attached"
X LittleSitter Services
X BabySitter Services
X Nursery Services
X One-night stands
X Marital affairs
X Casual sex
X BDSM/"scenes"
X Kink/Fetish Exploration
X Self-exploration
X "Mentoring"
X "Teaching"
X "Experimenting"
X Therapy
X Pornography
X Erotic exchanges
X Customers or clients
X Group/Follower Building
X Money/Financial Aid
X Gifts or presents
X Characters
X “Ghosting”
X Partner “collecting”
X “Harem” building
X Sugars
X Research groups
X Persons under the legal age of 18

Other rules can be found here.

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