- No nudity
- No exposed breasts
- No exposed nipples
- No exposed buttocks, cheeks and/or anus
- No exposed genitalia
- No see-through fabric or material discreetly exposing above mentioned body parts
- No flesh-colored clothing that gives the appearance of nudity or being unclothed
- No close up shots of only your cleavage, crotch, or buttocks.
- No exposed undergarments, including diapers.
- No scat, poop, or feces
- No images with the intended purpose to show wet, messy, urinated in, soiled, soaked, leaky/leaking, or otherwise used diapers, underwear, or other clothing items
- No sex shots
- No heavily sexualized statements
- No substance use or drug paraphernalia
- No images of celebrities, actors, or actresses unless you also appear in the image with them
- No posing as another person (images of yourself only)
- No visual messages of hate, intolerance, or racism
- No gang signs
- No violence
- No gore
- No death or images of dying or deceased bodies
- No visual depictions of suicide
- No persons under 18 at the time the photo was taken
- No full or partial images of persons under 18 whatsoever under any circumstance, in any regard.
- No persons physically/biologically under 18 depicted in imagery (including paintings, drawings, digital media, photography, and other creations)

- No images that involve indecent exposure. Walking around in the general public while only wearing your undergarments (such as only a diaper and nothing else) is indecent exposure and could selfishly expose a young, biological child to such personal and intended-to-be-private articles of clothing (or fetish material for those of us inclined to view adult diapers in that manner). We can all agree that being exposed to something as extremely socially abnormal, such as an adult wearing only their underwear while walking around outside, could likely cause mental distress and trauma for a very young person who cannot mentally be aware enough to even consent yet. We do not and will not allow or support photos or persons who behave recklessly and carelessly in this manner. We are not a fetish, adult fantasy, or provocative site and strive to gain positive societal recognition and acceptance for our community. So, for diaper's sake, at least put a onesie on if you're going out in public!

All of the above also applies to other art, such as paintings, drawings, and digital media.

- Yes! Adult-bodied persons who are biologically 18 years old or older that are dressed in ways perceived as childish, infantile, immature, or age regressive are absolutely acceptable.

Please take note that artwork is not acceptable as a "user display photo" when creating or editing your profile. All profile display photos must be a personal photo of your physical self (it's okay to get creative but, yes, it must be of you and we must be able to see a reasonable portion of you in physical form).


What happens if I upload a photo that goes against the rules?
We will remove the photo, delete your account, or may not approve your account registration. If the image depicts illegal activity then we will report the account data to the local authorities for their review and potential investigation.

If your photo, whether it be your display photo or a photo you've uploaded to one of your albums on the site, keeps "disappearing" then it is not a technical issue with the website. We are manually removing your photo. Do not re-upload the image that has been removed without reaching out to us first. Please first review these rules again and, if necessary, contact us for further clarification.
Why do you have rules about what sort of photos I can upload to DateCGL?
DateCGL is an adult dating site intended for persons who regress to a mental state of under age 18. Because of this we want to make sure everyone is comfortable, safe, and happy. We strive to maintain a reasonable standard of PG-13 for content such as photos at this time. We ask that you please respect our community decision.
How can I make a complaint about these rules?
You are more than welcome to write to us with your feedback with our consideration for changes.

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