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I'm a 31-year-old working on moving to Canada in the coming months. I stand at 5'10 and am working on shedding some extra weight to move from the 'dad bod' category to an 'Average build'. I speak English and a bit of French. I've been told that I'm fairly intelligent but extremely disorganized and lazy. I'm extremely private. I avoid social media like it's a plague and don't share personal info unless someone specifically asks me to. I've been called mysterious and enigmatic. I'm more interested in the reasoning behind something rather than just the what. For example, I'm more interested in why people like the kinks they do than what kinks they have. The deeper the personality is, the more intrigued I am by that person. I've been told that I sometimes come across as quite intense. The way I look at people and things. The attention I give to people. The questions I ask them and so on. And that I'm not for everyone's liking. I tend to be extremely guarded when it comes to sharing who I am. I'm quite passionate about what I am working on, so it might seem like an obsession to others. I'm also fiercely loyal. I love dogs and hope to have a pack of them. I'm also child-free. As for who I am romantically and what I look for in a partner I crave intensity in relationships. I don’t date just for the sake of dating, and would rather develop a deeper intimacy with someone. I enjoy having long conversations about profound topics. I'd rather cut to the chase and figure out why someone is the way they are, so you won’t experience much surface-level small talk when you’re with me. (Small talk is torture but that is how most conversations turn out to be since most people don't really give me responses that I need to get there). I learn what my partner likes (be it candle-lit dinners, rose petals, walks on the beach, camping, and stargazing) and find ways to engage them by partaking in activities they enjoy. I'm up for a lot of kinks, the kinkier, the better. I do it because I love bonding my partner and connecting on a deeper level. I don't want a relationship that is only emotional or sexual. It also needs to have a psychological/mental component to the relationship. Otherwise, the relationship goes bland pretty quickly. The more complex the person is, the more I'm drawn to them. I enjoy indulging in the following activities with a partner. Reading and telling stories Cooking for my partner Forehead kisses, snuggles, and cuddles Giving unexpected kisses and leaving her flustered Board games Playful teasing Leaving appreciation notes for her to find Romantic/kinky getaways Dancing - I suck at it but hope to find someone who is good at it. What I look for in a partner I need someone who is confident in her own skin. Someone who wouldn't be intimidated by the idea of being the center of attention when they walk into a room. She should be knowledgeable be capable of having discussions on a wide range of topics. From philosophy to science. The occult to religion. You get the idea. I find fiercely loyal women to be attractive. The kind that would fight me for me. She should also have a bit of randomness or chaos within her. I find that falling into a rut destroys the relationship. Someone who has a few negative aspects to her personality (Vindictive, jealousy,....) and isn't afraid to embrace them (Yeah, that's a weird one). Because if they don't I get the feeling that they are hiding something and I tend to distance myself emotionally from such people. Being too nice is a bit of a turn-off. BDSM exp and kinks: I've been in two BDSM relationships and have been around the scene for about 10 years now. I no longer date outside the kink community. Eventually, I expect complete obedience and ownership of your mind, body, and soul. I'm quite loving, soft, and nurturing. I'm very playful and enjoy the banter that comes with being with a brat. Kinks that I really like: I am open to engaging in a lot of kinks except Scat and violence. My favorites include - Orgasm control, roleplaying, non-sexual domination in private and in public, and wardrobe and appearance control If you'd like to talk to me respond to this thread. You could also send me a request and follow it up with a detailed message.

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