Hello, my name is James! I’m 30 live in Texas and I am a soft daddy/Dom looking for a long term relationship. If your respond/DM then please be serious about searching for a forever life partner and willing to put in effort to get to know each other beyond just responding with 2 or 3 word comments. Please be willing to switch to phone and or video calls relatively easily once we get to know each other. Please do not have any children nor want them in your future. I work weekends FRI-SUN 12 hours shifts So I have a lot of free time during the week to have playtime(coloring,bubble baths, snuggling on the couch watching cartoons, ect...)   I am a very caring and sweet person, not super energetic but more of feather in the wind go wherever life takes me kind of person. I’ve always been a caregiver personality type, I love taking care of my partner whether that’s bathing them, brushing their hair, helping to pick out and put on their clothes and of course playtime, snuggles and watching cartoons on the couch! If snuggling and cuddling were considered a hobby It would be my favorite one. I'm really looking for my best friend, my special someone, my favorite person. I don't like having lots of different friends and just prefer to find someone I like doing almost everything with.

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30M Soft Daddy/Dom Looking For His Little
Connection Type Caregiver Seeking Female Only
Posted by mrgundum584
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