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I'm a 48yo gwm, 5'10, 165lbs (target weight is 135), with light brown hair and blue eyes. I guess you could say I'm educated but inexperienced (I've never gone "all the way" with anyone - just touching - but am a submissive bottom exclusively, and I never learned how to touch mysel), shy but curious. I'm seeking an older (60-75yo) gwm dad/provider (or two dads - a couple) to adopt me as his or their little age son, and treat me as my little age, 6-11yo (the exact age or ages would be my dad's choice). (I'm wishing he could've "adopted" me as soon as I reached the age of consent in the state or country of my dad's choosing, and we lived together from then on, but I'm hoping we can make up for lost time now, and start living together as dad and son asap.) I prefer suburban dad-types with "dad" bodies who are maybe a little possessive (ideally loving me as much as their first love - a true soulmate), and where in I'd have the chance to give my dad the intimacy with and emotional vulnerability from the son he'd always wanted; a dad who always has me be vulnerable with him, would be my ideal, along with the physical intimacy. (I'd prefer it to be a "consensually non-conensual" relationship where I am kidnapped and kept by my dad.) Being "adopted" for me means being given a boy's haircut, and dressed all the time in (little age appropriate) boys' (rather than mens') clothes (from online and in person stores) from school and scout uniforms to play clothes and pajamas and nightshirts (I sometimes wore a tee-shirt and underwear to bed growing up). And speaking of underwear, I only wore briefs growing up (white, colored, and underoos, etc), and I'd strongly prefer a dad who requires me to wear briefs, and disallows me from wearing boxers and boxer briefs. (I was a boys' clothing model growing up and I did at sometimes model different brands and colors of briefs and tees for store circulars and brand advertising. And although it always embarrassed me to be seen and photographed in them, I also like the feeling of vulnerability.) I also often wore speedos rather than board shorts growing up too (I was on the swim team and my mother would only buy me one or two suits during the year, so they were speedos), so I'd prefer a dad who required me to wear those. And if my dad required me to wear shorts rather than long pants (as boys used to up to a certain age) that's more than okay. (I also wore youth diapers often for bedwetting growing up, and am willing to wear diapers both at bedtime and with a legless tee shirt-style onesie and other ab clothes during the day at home; he could dress me in a nightshirt or boys hospital gown for bedtime. On our first night together he'd give me a bath, restrain me face up to the bed, and put on my diaper and patient gown or nightshirt.) Ideally, my dad would pick out all my clothes to buy for me, and what I would wear every day. As far as discipline goes, I was spanked growing up both at school and at home, so I'd prefer a dad who believes in the value of corporal punishment in improving my attitude and behavior. And as it much as it scares me to be spanked, let alone restrained, I think I'd benefit most from being restrained to the bed for each spanking (so I couldn't resist or try to run away, prior to my spanking he would undress me to just a tee and briefs, then put hand and leg cuffs on me and lead me back to the bedroom or punishment room). I'd also prefer a dad to restrain me to the bed each time he "molests" me (with medical restraints like the Posey twice as tough ones), and I'm very much open to being restrained most or all of the time at home, in the car, and while we're staying elsewhere (especially if I'm my dad's kidnapee/boy slave - to beds and other furniture in each room and when I'm up so I wouldn't be able to escape). (I'd like also for my dad to have me undergo full body electrolysis and any plastic surgery that would help me to be his boyish ideal.) I don't drink, smoke, or use drugs, and am HIV- and STI free. I do suffer from Aspergers and depression, and would probably benefit from electro-convulsive therapy, so I'm hoping to find a dad open to being my medical conservator, and taking me to be evaluated for the procedure, and then restrained (to prevent unruly behavior, largely owing to my Aspbergers - for my own safety) all the while I'm in the hospital undergoing treatment; they also require you to wear a diaper (and hospital gown) for the procedure. (They offer ECT at Sutter Medical in Sacramento , in SF at UCSF, and at least a couple hospitals in southern California.) And of course I'd love for my dad I to do traditional dad/son activities, like camping and fishing, and educational activities like going to museums, as well as just fun activities like going to amusement parks; hobbies include Karate, dance, etc. My fetlife user# is 10225140 - my profile there is more complete, and you can look it up there. My email is little_kenny_ca at yahoo dot com.

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GWM Little Sks GWM Adoptive Dad,60-75,in US
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