Hiya *waves*, I am a 23year old male to female bouncy person. Looking for individuals to talk to and hopefully meet. Looking for an adult who is up dealing with a little who can be anxious, shy, emotional, energetic and bouncy all in one. Bit of a crazy lady and all the better for it, looking for that guiding hand as well as an adult relationship. I work in the healthcare, live alone, drive a car and generally muddle through life. Little wise I don't really regress, I just always fluctuate in my normal happy and bouncy state. In any particular moment I can be more or less of an adult. Rarely wear padding (diapers) but do when feeling particularly little but consider them more of a power exchange and a submissive gesture. Like tie ups and other adult type kinks and tend to mix them in with being little. Can sometimes be a brat, but easily controlled. Love petnames, cuddles and generally being aorund an adult. Avoiding a full face picture on here to keep myself safe but happy to take any chat offline or somewhere else. I have a tumblr https://princesspinkab.tumblr.com

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23MTF Little Seeking An Adult
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Posted by littleluab
Created Sep 9
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