22 Y/o Looking For Her Significant Other
Connection Type: Little Seeking Male Only
Posted by lilaugs
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Created: Sep 9
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Im a 22 year old little hoping to find her forever match. I cant travel much so while I may be open to a LDR, its probably not the most realistic. I also wont date anyone over 33 or under 21. I am horrible at these, I may be bad at starting conversations, but im great at listening to them and putting into it.
Little & Ageplayer Looking For A LA Daddy
Connection Type: Little Seeking Male Only
Posted by Theurbanpunk
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Created: Sep 8
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Verbal dominance I'd something very important to me, calling me dirty fun names, telling me what to do, the man's age goes matter as much as the dominant and mature way he presents himself. I enjoy most kinks do being my daddy's plaything is an important body has I trusting you to do whatever you want to my body. I enjoy someone who is strict but also playful, demanding but also gains alot of p...

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