Forever Daddy...is That You?! :)
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Posted by KindPrincess23
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Hellooooooooooooooo there!!! As far as what I’m seeking, I want a Daddy who is my everything, my whole world. He supports me and encourages me to be a better person, physically and mentally. He isn’t afraid to protect me, no matter what. He shows me his silly, vulnerable, and crazy sides; there are no secrets and no “other side”, I want all of it. He helps me with all sorts of things (i...
GWM Little Sks GWM Adoptive Dad,60-75,in US
Connection Type: Little Seeking Male Only
Posted by littlekennyca
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Created: Aug 2 '22
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I'm a 48yo gwm, 5'10, 165lbs (target weight is 135), with light brown hair and blue eyes. I guess you could say I'm educated but inexperienced (I've never gone "all the way" with anyone - just touching - but am a submissive bottom exclusively, and I never learned how to touch mysel), shy but curious. I'm seeking an older (60-75yo) gwm dad/provider (or two dads - a couple) to adopt me as his or ...

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