Registration Error Help

Did you get an error when trying to register for the site. That stinks! Eek. It's okay though. We can still help you get registered!

Please know that I need you to follow these steps:

1. I need (NEED) to know the exact wording of the error you saw. I need the exact numbers if it showed you numbers. If you can take a screen shot of the error then please do.
If you don't provide me with details then it's like calling a nurse and saying, "I have a cut. Help me." She can't really help exactly as you need right away. She needs to know where the cut is. How deep the cut is. When the cut happened. She needs to see the cut.
If you don't give her any details then she can only give you very generic advice and hope it will help for now.
So, I need to see the error or I can only give you very generic suggestions and hope something helps you.

2. I need you to know that you need to fill out the ENTIRE registration form. If there is only one checkbox on a question or agreement then you must check that box.
You cannot leave any profile field blank on the registration page. You cannot leave the "About me" section blank. You cannot "skip" a part.
Please go back and make sure that every section has a response from you!

3. When contacting me please provide me your answers for every profile registration field. I need to know what you entered specifically because I need to investigate if a selection or word is not being accepted in the database for some reason when creating a new account entry.
You can take screen shots after you've filled it all out again and then show me this way. It might be faster for you. If not, you can still write to me your answers for everything. Again, I need to see what exactly is causing the error you have received.

4. Please tell me if you are using a computer, tablet, phone, or something else to access the site.
If you are on a mobile device please scroll around the site pages to make sure something isn't just cut off from your screen that you need to scroll over to. I am still working on many mobile corrections and it's possible that, for example, the submit button IS there but you just need to scroll over a little to see it!

5. Please tell me what browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) you are using. (Internet Explorer was deprecated by Microsoft years ago. Our site cannot support it because it has some serious security flaws at this point. Please don't use IE.)
Make sure your browser is up to date. I can't troubleshoot your specific computer problems, you know? So, please help me out and make sure all of your stuff is up to date too.

6. Be polite when you contact for help. If you are going to be a rude dude then I'm not going to spend my time helping you register an account. Kindness goes a long way.
I understand you're frustrated but lashing out at me isn't helping either of us.

★ Please don't contact a site other than DateCGL.com for help. No other site will be able to help you. Even if someone told you that another site can probably help please know that they had incorrect information. Only DateCGL can help with DateCGL issues!

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