Catfish Disclaimer

Catfishing. Catfishing is when someone falsifies their identity or tells you lies to lead you to believe they are someone they are not. It's basically just misleading a person to think something untrue about yourself. This could range from anything to where the person is claiming to be single but is really married or otherwise already in a relationship or someone illegally taking photos from another person and claiming the person photographed is them. Catfishing has always been around since people started interacting online, but it has gotten recent exposure due to television shows and dramatic heartache experienced by those being catfished speaking out loudly about their experiences.

Misunderstandings, assumptions, and miscommunication. Misunderstandings often occur when someone within a communication line makes an assumption about the information they are receiving or are not receiving. It can often occur when someone fails to communicate their thoughts, intentions, and goals about a situation clearly and makes the assumption that the person they are communicating thinks the exact same as they do. Misunderstandings have happened since the birth of humans and will always occur, regardless of the communication type.

Keeping the DateCGL Site Safe but Maintaining Your Privacy:

We do our best to keep fake accounts out of DateCGL. This means that we remove bots, accounts that are strictly created as a fictional roleplay persona, and accounts with celebrity or other stolen images reported. We do not interfere with your relationship status or search though if you choose to use DateCGL to seek a partner. We do not step in to your relationship issues, be a mediator, or determine who is right and who is wrong, who intentionally misled versus who misunderstood, in conflicts.

While we do not support misleading we also do not believe it is the administrator's, moderators', or webmaster's place to handle cases of potential infidelity, lying, or intentional misleading. We will not step into situations where you feel a person you met through DateCGL has misled you to believe they are someone or in a position they are not unless it teeters into breaking one of our rules regarding legalities or intentional creation of drama.

We, generally, only step in if this has become publicly dramatic (by doing such things as the person creating multiple accounts and publicly posting within our groups to intentionally create drama surrounding their misrepresentations of self) or is involving legal issues, such as stealing and using another person's images. This means that, yes, we remove accounts using someone else's photos and details, but we do not remove accounts based on someone telling you a lie about their personal or private details, such as their natural hair color.

We also absolutely step in if you are being harassed, degraded, belittled, harmed, or threatened in any way, regardless of the connection you have to the person doing these things to you. You still have to make those reports to us, but we don't have a problem stepping in and removing people who are abusing others.

We do not inquire about marriage or relationship status of people using DateCGL. As our safety disclaimer says, we do not initiate criminal background checks on any individual. We do not read chat logs to determine if misleading did or did not occur or if there was just a misunderstanding or lack of clarity in communication. We are not the virtual judge and jury of your conversations and relationship decisions. You are responsible for yourself.

Desperation or loneliness are not acceptable excuses for carelessness. DateCGL is not responsible for heartache and heartbreak. DateCGL is not responsible for losses due to what we consider to be poor personal judgement (possibly such as providing some money in exchange for virtual roleplay that has gone undelivered, as monetary gain in the community is strictly prohibited anyway and nobody should be requesting or accepting money for any type of interaction here) or simply a part of normal, natural adulthood and finding a suitable relationship partner for yourself.

We will not play as the relationship judge and jury to determine if you were misled in conversation on or off of our community.

The administration, moderators, and webmaster are not your magic guardians. We are not godlike. We are not all-knowing and all-seeing. We are not mind readers. We are not fortune tellers. We do not magically know every account registered on a intimate, personal level. We also do not read your private messages and try to determine who is telling lies, may be telling lies, or who may be lacking personal care in asking specific questions about important topics. Your privacy is important to us and we feel it would be unfair if we were reading your unreported private messages in hopes of finding an offense or fault. You are responsible for your actions and choices. We are just regular people just like you. We have been misled and lied to, and we have also had personal misunderstandings and misjudgements as well. We are not superhuman just because we volunteer our time in the community.

Also remember that anyone can claim that you misled them through private messaging. It is nearly impossible for us to determine if that claim would be honestly true and accurate. It is unfair to place our moderators in a position to where they must determine if someone intentionally misled another person in our community.

Reporting What is Against the Rules:

If you believe someone is obviously and intentionally lying and misleading to create drama then you should report it, but you also need to be prepared to show us documentation of those misleading statements they have made to you. We need to see the evidence that their statements are false, too, so you need to send us the information on how you found out the truth versus the word-for-word lies they are making. We prefer original links, screen shots, and videos of these situations. We want and need clear proof. We just need to see the statements that you fully believe were said in a manner to intentionally create drama. Intentional creation of drama is against our rules.

If you do not report it then we do not know.
If you do not provide proof then we cannot take action.

You can reach the admin our Contact Us form at any time.

We encourage you to consider the following when communicating responsibly:

  • Take the time to truly get to know someone deeply before establishing an agreed-upon relationship status together. A day, a couple of days, a week, or even a few weeks are usually not long enough to know someone prior to beginning a serious, long-term commitment with them. No matter how desperate you are you should not wear your heart on your sleeve to easily be hurt.

  • You may want to know what they do for a living, the general area of where they live, their current home situation and who they may reside with currently, what they do in their free time, about past relationship details, their future aspirations, and so many more small details of their personality. Just because you are a Caregiver and they are a little does not mean you are compatible! Just because you are little and they are a Caregiver does not mean you are compatible!

  • Don't be afraid to ask direct questions about the person you're interested in getting to know better. Ask if a person is seeing or talking to other people right now. Ask if the person is interested in establishing a relationship with you prior to assuming they want to as well. Do not make assumptions. We repeat very clearly, do not make assumptions that the person has the same thought patterns, desires, and expectations as you just because they are a match so far in your opinion.

  • Be cautious about what you believe upfront. Anyone can lie to you. Anyone can lie to you about anything. Be cautious and on-guard for those potential lies. Be suspicious. Ask for details. Ask for more information. Hesitate to believe everything. Ask the same important questions multiple times throughout time to gain confidence in the answers provided to you.

  • Ask for proof of person, proof of general identity claimed. Multiple phone calls or voice chats, audio clips of them addressing you by your screen name here, specific photos taken at-the-moment of requested poses or items with them, and webcam appearances are good first steps to establishing if the person is likely who they have claimed to be to you. Please know that these are not guaranteed methods and you will need to continue communicating with the person to make your own personal judgement of them and their character.

  • Exchange multiple lines of communication through social media profiles, chat applications, or personal phone numbers when you have made a judgement about the safety of the person you are communicating with from our community. You should be able to reach them through various means if a serious incident happens. Make bonding choices in having multiple communication options available.

  • Make compromises when they are truly, realistically justifiable while respecting someone's privacy and safety precautions. As a clear example, someone who refuses to ever let you hear their voice, even through a recording, could be a red flag if there is not a valid excuse to pardon declining your requests. This goes for many personal details that someone may choose to refuse to provide to you. Consider the reasons they are declining and make your own judgement about the validity of their decisions. This is where it really pays off to have taken time to have gotten to know the individual's personality over a course of weeks or months.

  • Due to the tender nature of our community and the lack of acceptance by persons outside of the community many people are concerned about showing their faces in photo. Please take note that photos could still be exchanged that simply does not show the person's face clearly or at all. They are still able to appear with specific items, objects, signs, or in poses while hiding their face or angling the camera in a way that does not include their face. This should be considered when photos are declined, but you prefer photos to help gain some confidence of the person's existence and truth. Compromises can certainly go both ways while still respecting safety precautions and personal boundaries.

  • Set clear relationship rules and expectations upfront. If you want a serious, monogamous commitment then you should be clear on boundaries the person would have when pairing with you. You should mutually agree on expectations, rules, and boundaries for any relationship type you engage in with any person. This is absolutely a necessary conversation to have before agreeing to being someone's partner so that you have a full understanding of what that means for the both of you.

  • Do not make assumptions. If the person says they are not looking for something serious but agrees that you can be their partner then do not assume they mean they are not interacting with others. Ask questions and make clear requests, statements, and agreements. Making assumptions does nobody any favors.

  • A very realistic, common scenario could be a situation where a person asks you to be their partner. To them they are asking for virtual roleplay when you both are online and available, but you think the person means they want a long-term, serious commitment that extends past the computer screen and into both of your real lives. If neither of you clarify your intentions and expectations then someone is likely to become very hurt at some point when the misunderstanding is, probably painfully, revealed.

  • Care about yourself first. Do not settle for less than your heart needs to be happy and fulfilled. Make the person interested in you work to gain your trust and love. Do not devalue yourself, your wants, and your needs. Do not place yourself in a position to likely be hurt, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Truly ask yourself what it is you need and want to be happy and settle for nothing less than that, even if you feel the most desperate you have ever felt in your entire life. The right match is out there, waiting for you, but if you are busying chasing after people who are not worthy then you may miss out on your true super special someone.

Also, remember that you do not need a partner to be happy. You do not need a partner to be and feel little. You do not need a partner to enjoy adult diapers. You do not need a partner to be able to regress. You do not need a partner to be able to care about yourself or others, like friends and family members. You do not need a partner to feel fulfilled.

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