I think my daddy lef me. He has no message me for longgg times. Dis make me really sads, and nows I started being little space 24/7 and get big trouble. I needs helps

LolliKitty Aug 16 '18 · Comments: 5
Hiiii! I’m new here and just looking to see if anyone wants to chat?? I’m bored right now
I’m looking for a daddy/caregiver in the Roxboro NC area. I love cuddles and movie time! I could play games all night long. I’m just really lonely.
Hello everyone! <br />
I am not only new to this website but also to the community. About a month ago I was asked twice within a week if I am a little and back then I had no idea what that was suppose to be :o<br />
I did my research then and first thought “no that’s not me” mainly because I couldn’t see myself as a baby. But then I discovered that there is the so called little age and that the 8-10 years range did fit me quite well. <br />
<br />
Now you might thing, why do I think so? <br />
Well I collect plushies and I can’t sleep without them. Most people think I look about 4-5 years younger than my actual age. I often hear that my cute clothing style looks kinda childish. <br />
I can’t imagine myself being all by my own and doing all the adult thinks like taking care of contracts and stuff ... <br />
I don’t feel like a 20 year old I always felt like I was still a child. <br />
On top of that I am suuuuupppeeer emotional (due to being a HSP). <br />
<br />
That does not mean that I can’t do stuff on my own or wouldn’t want to have a job and stuff. I like to be independent but I still want someone that has my back and can help me handle stuff that’s hard for me ^^ <br />
<br />
I don’t know if I go into little space, at least I have never realized it and I wouldn’t know how to. Maybe it’s just always kinda there? I really don’t know ... it’s just like part of my personality maybe ... <br />
<br />
As you may see I am still totally unsure about all of this and how to explain. <br />
For example while I love to dress super cute and maybe childish I also love to dress sexy (but not reveling!).<br />
<br />
What am I looking for? <br />
I hope to find others that can relate and maybe help me find out more about myself :) <br />
I prefer to get to know someone slowly so I can build trust! So don’t come and fall with the door into the house please >< <br />
<br />
I also don’t feel comfortable with people that are more than about 5 years older than me. I’m sorry :<
Oh and do not(!!!) sent friend requests if we haven’t even talked before! <br />
<br />
Anyways if anyone wants to talk please feel free to message me no matter what you identify as!!<br />
<br />
Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night/morning :>
I'm David and just joined this site, hoping to make new friends and explore my identity as a DL. Hope everyone is well :)
amu1989 Jul 27 '18

What being a Daddy means to me.


I’m 39, I’ve been an ageplayer and daddy for most of my adult life. I have always dated younger than I am, that’s how I have been for a very long time.

It’s not about sex to me, although that component of this kink is quite enjoyable, but should not be the focus of calling yourself a daddy.

It’s about the trust placed in you by your little, your princess whatever name they prefer to be called. It’s an awesome responsibility to have someone place that immense level of trust in you. Your job is to care for them, protect them be that shield between the evils of this world and the person that you care for, love.

It’s about waking up next to them, giving them a bath and washing their hair, it’s about making breakfast and wiping the sleep off their face. It’s a level of trust that a traditional non ddlg relationship rarely finds. It’s about coming home from work with a brand new stuffie because your little has been amazing that week, it’s also about punishing your little when they break the rules. Make no mistake other daddies, you must follow through with that punishment. The moment you don’t, your little loses respect for you, they start to lose trust that you will not follow through with the things you say.

It’s also about waking your little up on a weekend and having them a bag ready because you’re taking them to the zoo or the beach or a toy store, making sure they have a paci, a stuffie, snacks and if they are diapered make sure you have that as well. Be prepared, that shows your little that you have a genuine love for them, that you care enough to remember their favorite movie, tv show, band, cartoon, etc.,

I’m not a daddy to be a perverted older man, I’m a daddy because I want to be, I’m a daddy because I want to care for my little, cuddle with my little, mentor them, to make sure that no matter what happens in their lives that I can be part of littlespace, that I am the safe harbor, that my attention and love are focused on them no matter what.

Just some ramblings from a daddy without a little in the pacific northwest. May all your dreams be sweet and your daddies and littles even sweeter.


cbtl Jul 22 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Please tease me and tell me how cute i am.
Paddedpuppy Jul 16 '18 · Tags: babyfur
Hii my name is Daniel. I am a baby boy looking for a mommy to love and care for me. I also want lots of cuddles. :)
I miss having a Mommy to text as soon as I wake up and tell about a dream I had. I miss having a Mommy to role play with me online. I miss having a Mommy to text all day while Daddy is at work and who will send me cute memes and texts. I miss having a Mommy to reassure me that she loves me. I miss having a Mommy that puts me as a priority in her life. I miss having a Mommy that is my best friend. I miss having a Mommy who I can talk about girly things with when I don't feel like talking to Daddy. I miss having a Mommy who will follow the rules and have an open dialogue and even friendship with my Daddy. I miss having a Mommy who will help me be the best little girl I can be. Simply put, I MISS HAVING A MOMMY!
Hey! I am absolutely dead tired because I have only slept around two hours, so that is whats happening. We have guests over so I'm forced to sleep in my brothers room on the floor. They took my room :/ just fucking kill me lmao for real, I cant sugarcoat it. This fucking sucks, my brother is loud, everyone is loud and I don't get a chance to be alone. Either I die now or they do is what I feel like god damn it 

Tovto May 12 '18
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