It seems the only mommys I've chatted with are pro dommes or scams.  I've always put myself out there trying to meet someone, but end up breaking my own heart in the process..  I take care of myself, and I'd like to find a partner who does the same.  For real tho... are there any women out there who like to take on the mommy/caretaker role in a heterosexual relationship?  Is it just folklore?  I'd give up the search, but I'd be lying to myself, and I don't lie.  So if there are success stories, then great!  I'd love to hear them.  It would help non the less.
Littleboyblue86 Mar 25 '19 · Comments: 2
I've been trying to find a mommy for a while but always end up lost.... I guess. I hope that I can find a mommy here or at least……... make new friends?
Em2394 Mar 24 '19
Are cream pies mandatory? 
Is it written that you must get one 
To be a someone's little
You are fake if you say" let's go slow"
I don't want to be a sex toy 
I want someone who likes both sides of me
The ABDL who cuddles and bites
And the adult whose a little pouty and annoying
You can't get one without the other
But it's just an illusion 
Nobody cares about the person
Behind the fetish they crave to indulge 
Doveybliss Mar 7 '19 · Comments: 2 · Tags: rant
I love it when I get all my work Adult work done so I can relax and be a Baby. Having to work and manage college stuff is hard. It’s relaxing to change myself into my diapies, put on my onesie, and get my stuffie and my paci, then watch some cartoons. Maybe one day I’ll have a playmate or even a Mommy/Caregiver to take care of me, change me and play with me hehe. Of course I would love to get to know you first before we meet.
BBMarky Mar 6 '19
Hi there my name is Marky and I am here looking for a Mommy to take care of me.
I have had a few bad experiences looking for my Mommy because I was new to this and they were Momies just looking for money, but I not giving up yet.
I do want a Mommy/Caregiver who can also be a really good friend. I think that friendship is the best policy and can lead to great things.
I am a pretty open book so there are no secrets and I will let you know anything you wanna know.
I want a Mommy or Caregiver that is willing to accept me for who I am and have me as their sweet Baby Boy. I love giving cuddles and making people smile and laugh.
I am so willing to travel a good fair distance to meet you as well because I just like driving and traveling, around 350 in a day is my limit haha.
I hope you are out there Mommy because I really wanna meet you and I am so lonely.
Is there something wrong with me I can't seem to figure it out I try and I try and I try to be the best man I can be I'm super sweet to any woman and I'm even more sweeter to the one that I'm talking to you more than friends but somehow one way or another I wind up crying I wind up upset because I was either let on used to try to get money out of me or just flat-out ghosted for community that I thought would be the most loving caring I pictured in my mind is like a giant hug but I was also wrong it's like a giant brick wall that if you don't know the lingo then you're going to get called out if you don't understand consent then you're going to get called out if you're even annoying then see I wouldn't want to be at I've had the most difficult time trying to feel a part of this community tard it's hard on my soul on my heart and it's just painful I wouldn't want anybody else to go through this I can stop messaging everybody that I'm in contact with and I bet you I wouldn't hear back from anybody I wouldn't hear from them at all not even like a hey where you been that's the sad part should I give up should I just not even try being someone's little should I only be a daddy would I even be wanted as a daddy she's so many questions I just raced through my mind I feel like I'm rambling now I'm sorry lunch break Confessions Part 1 to be continued LOL
Bayareababy779 Feb 18 '19 · Comments: 1
Hiiiii.... I dunno, im just hangin out and bored.... What y'all up to? 

Why does being little mess with the mind so? Clearly i want to be little i want to be cared for and i want to not worry about the adult world... But is it really possible to the level i want? Even for less time then i want? If i get what i want, do the ones giving it to me get what they want? How can i fully believe it? Its just so... It seems so impossible. To be happy doing all of the work? Sure... There could be 2 caregivers and a little... Or more whatever... But even then.... I dunno, random thoughts

Shybabyeevee Feb 2 '19
So a public thing with another user got me thinking about music. Within the context of Ddlg I think that we get caught up in cutesy stuff which is not to be ignored, but really, how many times can you hear baby shark?

No. I need something else. Perhaps to make a playlist that speaks to me as a daddy. So. Ive been constructing a list of chill songs that you could have on in the background with your little. Ill probably post this at some point, at least when its closer to completion, but. Let the work begin!

LiteraryDaddyJ Dec 30 '18
HAHA HA i get a blog lmfao what bs can i play here.... 

Merry Christmas (or happy holidays for y'all who don't celebrate commercialism) and all that...

But now the day is done, we can throw it all back in storage and get on with it. 

Don't get me wrong, i do love Christmas, spending time with the family, seeing everyone you may have forgotten about, great meals, seeing the smiles whem they get an awesome gift, laughs of children, all the nonsense that is celebrating shopping (Christmas).

..... Well that's not what i expected... AAAANYWAYS

What up? Hi, welcome to the blog i shouldn't be allowed to have cause it might go real bad real quick. I don't plan these out, i just start typing and see what we end up with lol...

I don't care if you get offended so.... If easily offended... Have a great day/night and thank you for at least checkin it out here...

If you're still here, im not gonna censor no more so keep chill, cool? Damn straight.

But yeah, not planned, not sure what's going on in my own head at any given time, and not trying to make you cry (i don't know who "you" are, so get off my back)...

It is really a problem to me lmfao i hate it, i might go days+ without a word and suddenly i can't shut the fuck up. It doesn't make sense, it probably doesn't get whatever i wanted across proper, and it's most likely irritating to y'all. 

But that's what happens, and i don't care none so much anymore, I'm gonna just be me and if ya can't handle, i ain't the one for you. 

Which is fine, nobody loves everyone and no one is loved by everyone, right? 

I dunno, if you read this all, awesome... If you skipped through to this point, fuck off my page..

Feel free to ask me anything! G'night y'all

Shybabyeevee Dec 26 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: nonsense, rude?, honesty

hey my name is Anthony Michael Tankersley I have a disability with cerebral palsy and a speech impairment and I am a little as well and I just want to see I want to talk to a caregiver and maybe get to know a caregiver if you want to talk to me feel free just message me if you can i am here for you every step of the way

AnthonyTankHD Dec 4 '18
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