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Hiiiii.... I dunno, im just hangin out and bored.... What y'all up to? 

Why does being little mess with the mind so? Clearly i want to be little i want to be cared for and i want to not worry about the adult world... But is it really possible to the level i want? Even for less time then i want? If i get what i want, do the ones giving it to me get what they want? How can i fully believe it? Its just so... It seems so impossible. To be happy doing all of the work? Sure... There could be 2 caregivers and a little... Or more whatever... But even then.... I dunno, random thoughts

HAHA HA i get a blog lmfao what bs can i play here.... 

Merry Christmas (or happy holidays for y'all who don't celebrate commercialism) and all that...

But now the day is done, we can throw it all back in storage and get on with it. 

Don't get me wrong, i do love Christmas, spending time with the family, seeing everyone you may have forgotten about, great meals, seeing the smiles whem they get an awesome gift, laughs of children, all the nonsense that is celebrating shopping (Christmas).

..... Well that's not what i expected... AAAANYWAYS

What up? Hi, welcome to the blog i shouldn't be allowed to have cause it might go real bad real quick. I don't plan these out, i just start typing and see what we end up with lol...

I don't care if you get offended so.... If easily offended... Have a great day/night and thank you for at least checkin it out here...

If you're still here, im not gonna censor no more so keep chill, cool? Damn straight.

But yeah, not planned, not sure what's going on in my own head at any given time, and not trying to make you cry (i don't know who "you" are, so get off my back)...

It is really a problem to me lmfao i hate it, i might go days+ without a word and suddenly i can't shut the fuck up. It doesn't make sense, it probably doesn't get whatever i wanted across proper, and it's most likely irritating to y'all. 

But that's what happens, and i don't care none so much anymore, I'm gonna just be me and if ya can't handle, i ain't the one for you. 

Which is fine, nobody loves everyone and no one is loved by everyone, right? 

I dunno, if you read this all, awesome... If you skipped through to this point, fuck off my page..

Feel free to ask me anything! G'night y'all

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