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Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was finishing cleaning my room. But I'm so happy because I found more clothes my Little side is excited for! And I found my bow!

So I have very few hair pieces I can use that make me feel Little. My bow is a clip with a thin, black ribbon tied around one side so that I have a nice bow. I clip part of my hair up and on good hair days, the parts I leave down look curly and adorable. So finding this ribbon is really exciting for me!

If you read last week's blog, you know I don't have the opportunity to really get cute clothes or accessories for my Little side. But finding my cuter clothes just makes my day better.

Also, my sorority and I went out last night for some good food! Mmmm. I wasn’t really hungry but I got myself a chocolate milkshake and a hot chocolate and they were so good! I especially love them with whipped cream on top, maybe marshmallows too on hot chocolate if there’s some available.

And while we were out, my mother posted about an old video she had on Facebook of my childhood friend and I on the table, playing with plastic hair clips, or “pretties” as we called them then. I was probably four or so when she first filmed that video.

So what happened was my mom started recording and asked what my friend and I were doing. We were on top of the dining room table and I explained that someone thought the pretties were marshmallows. My mother asked why we were on the table and my friend said “Because we can’t reach from over there!” She explained while laughing as if it was the most obvious reason in the world.

Ah I miss being a little girl able to get away with stuff like that. But…adult life! Ugh I don’t want to do adult things. But, I’ve always found that there’s a good, easy way to get my Little side involved in adult things like cleaning the room, doing the laundry, getting ready for the day and even homework.

So this method works for me and I wanted to share it here so that other Littles taking care of themselves can try it, or Mommies and Daddies can try it for their Littles. My method is that I tell myself to do five things, take a little break, do four things, take a break, so on and so forth until everything’s done. It’s a method my parents used when I was younger to clean my room or do the housework. I found it to be really effective.

Hi there. I'm Little_Seacret. Little because, yea, I'm a Little Girl. Seacret is a play on how "Sea" and the first syllable of secret sound the same. And my being a Little is a secret I'm keeping IRL. Plus I love natural water like the ocean, rivers and lakes. Swimming pools, I'm not the craziest about. In Hebrew, my IRL name means "God's Gracious Gift". The first syllable of my name is ancient Celtic meaning Fire. The rest of my name, Hanna, comes from the name Honoris, which means honor. so my full first name means Honorable Flame. I'm not too particular as to what I'm called (Hanna, little one, baby girl, Little, Seacret, any combination of those or maybe you can come up with something new).

So I'm a Little Girl. I'd say my regression age depends on my mood. Most times my inner Little is about 8-10 years old mentally. But sometimes stress gets really bad and I regress to something closer to four years old mentally. As a Little I love wearing dresses, especially ones that make me feel small and/or precious, ribbons in my hair and cute socks. These are usually slipper socks and thick, brightly-colored, fuzzy socks. As I've gotten older, my parents have slowly filtered my clothing to be adult. Literally, right now all I really have that make me feel "Little" are a sweater with rhinestones on the sleeves, my collection of socks, and some pajamas.

As a Little, I love watching families, especially with little kids, interact and love each other or watch cute dogs. So things like J House Vlogs or Snow Dogs Vlogs are my favorite things to watch. But don't let that, or my regression age fool you. I love things that would probably scare most other children. By that I mean I love watching shows like Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Vikings. I'll even watch gamers on 7 Days to Die, some stuff that'll teach me DIY projects, and stuff that's just funny or even watch channels of other Littles like me.

Why am I writing all this? Well, I'm newly aware of the fact I'm a Little, and I figured it would be good to try documenting my experiences as I learn more about myself as a Little, see how I change and develop, and I figure one day it'll be fun to look back on these memories.

See you guys later! If this has piqued your interest, please try sending me a message so we can talk.


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