Hello out there. so nice to see that there's a safe place for all of us to play. My name is Angel. I'm new to all of this, and I mean all of it. I'm discovering myself and discovering a new community. So just a little about myself...

 maybe a week ago I was on a different site and I ran into a Daddy Dom. He was very bossy and firm, but he was fun and fair and strong!. And it really got me hot. But I was really confused because I didn't know why. So, being a very smart girl, I started studying. And boy did I learn a lot. The first night I studied I didn't even get any sleep. Because there was so much to learn, and I wanted to be smart.

And it was by studying so hard and so good that I realized my last relationship was pretty much ddlg. I loved it when he would tell me I was a good girl.  When we got into arguments I would always yell at him and tell him he was a big meanie. he would look at me so funny, and he would tell me that I argue like a little girl. I love prancing around the house and making things for him to eat and having him praise me over and over for all the good things I did.  he kept me out of trouble and made sure I was doing the right thing all the time. And if I misbehaved... Well he got really fussy. And he would fuss fuss fuss and fuss and more. But he never hurt me, at least not with his hands. But he was sloppy Daddy. he wasn't a real daddy. And he was not a good daddy. He left me alone too many times and for way too long. so the last time he left me all by myself, it was for 12 days.   12 whole days without cuddles or kisses or check-ups. and it hurt me so bad. so my grown up self took my little self and hid her away.

 but now I'm lonely. Because the big meanie had to go. the grown-up me made him leave because he was not good for us. and now I'm curious.I hope someday I find me a daddy Dom who's really good to me.

So good luck to everybody out there and good luck to little me and I hope everybody gets what they want!

KBangel Oct 26 '17 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 1
First blog post and hopefully not the last.

I wish this site well and hope I find my Little/Middle.
SnugglyDaddy Oct 18 '17 · Comments: 1
Looking for a daddy interested shoot me samessage d
Little1895 Oct 29 '17 · Comments: 1

Hello everyone! Im a daddy that is looking for a very affectionate, innocent, and clingy little one to call my own. I use the term clingy because its something that Im actually quite fond of in a little, since I am a little clingy too (we can cling together like woolen socks!). 

I dont want any little to think "you're too much work" or "too clingy" all it takes is for the right daddy to show you that you're not. To show you that every aspect of you is utter perfection. To show you and make you feel beautiful everyday. To show you how important you are to him.

I want to be that type of daddy to you.

Daddydevious Jan 17 '18 · Comments: 1
I just recently joined this site and I am searching for a Daddy dom. Someone that is strict yet gentle, who loves cuddles, and who knows how to put a girl in her place  
LittlePrincessMi Feb 16 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: daddy, little, master, daddydom, babygirl, princess
Hi Hi..im diane and im a little,,im 19 and looking for a daddy that will love me and respect me and be there with me. It's hard for me to search my new daddy because I developed this standards in me because all of the daddy that I encountered just want pleasure and they didn't even given me rules. If your reading this future daddy, I hope you can be a real daddy that I know in stories.
Iane Jan 31 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Hi hi all! I am currently looking for a Daddy with no luck...   If you wanna know more about me you can check out my profile. But I am honestly just a lonely little girl who needs her Daddy...wherever he may be....
LilKatieBug Feb 21 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
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