im looking for a daddy! he must be caring and treat me with respect. i can be naughty so i require spankings to learn my lesson. i love stuffies, cuddles, bubble baths, and bed time stories. message me if interested
poutylolita May 2 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: looking, little, ddlg, daddy, babygirl, lolita
this website still confuses me a lil agh >.<
internetprincess1999 Mar 17 '18 · Comments: 1
Hi hi all! I am currently looking for a Daddy with no luck...   If you wanna know more about me you can check out my profile. But I am honestly just a lonely little girl who needs her Daddy...wherever he may be....
LilKatieBug Feb 21 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
I just recently joined this site and I am searching for a Daddy dom. Someone that is strict yet gentle, who loves cuddles, and who knows how to put a girl in her place  
LittlePrincessMi Feb 16 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: daddy, little, master, daddydom, babygirl, princess
admin Admin
I'm sorry, I can't be 10,000+ peoples' personal match-maker right now, but I can point you toward the tools on the site that you can utilize to help make your search easier.

First, we have a pretty convenient Search page that lets you check off criteria you are looking for in a partner. It also allows you to search by location if you are only seeking local matches. On the Search page itself you will find the capability to search from distance of a zipcode/postal code.


You are also able to look (zoom in and out of a specific area) of the Member Map, that is entirely free to members (I pay a monthly fee for the map so if it's ever down then it's possible I just need to update payment; feel free to let me know if it appears down for you):


There is also the new distance feature to help you find someone within driving or travel distance of the postal code you entered on your profile:


I am also working on a locational page where you can click on a country or state to see all members within that section. That is an ongoing project with an unknown completion date at this time. Of course, it still means that you will have to do a little legwork yourself and filter through profiles you do and do not like, that do and do not match your preferences.

Browse personal ads separate from user profiles for some potentially faster match finds:


You can read blogs of other members who may post interesting things that could help you get a feel of someone's personality outside of the standard profile sections:


Remember that visiting someone's profile can show you their last activity date. This should help you gain an idea if the account is accessed often and when you might receive a response if you choose to send someone a message. If they don't message you back but you see they've been active since then maybe that indicates their disinterest--and that's still okay!

Speaking of visiting profiles, you're notified when someone looks at your profile. If someone visits your profile multiple times then maybe they're interested in you but are being a little hesitant about saying hello. Don't be afraid to be the first that says, "Hey there! I noticed you noticing me! Maybe we can have some good conversation."


I stand firm that the way you present yourself and your public activity levels help. So, I always encourage people to participate openly in the overall community so that you can display your knowledge, seriousness, and personality in a safe, comfortable way:


It helps to start conversation sometimes by saying, "I just answered a post on Littlespace Online and I was wondering what you think about it too." Sometimes good conversation stems from exchanging general knowledge and not necessarily immediate conversation of romance. Some people need time to get to know you before they can open up that part of themselves to conversation.

And making conversation in the chat room or interest groups isn't a bad idea. It doesn't have to be romantic conversation. People like to get to know each other and build up from there:


The chat bar is located at the bottom of the page and after you've befriended someone they will appear as online when signed into their account (unless they've opted out of the chat system).

If you find that the chat room group itself isn't so active then I would suggest you pop over to Littlespace Online for the overall community chat. Just please be aware that Littlespace Online is not intended for any match-making purposes.

Lastly, I'm finding that by being the person who initiates private message contact you may increase your interactions. Don't be afraid to say hello to people that might be interesting to you! People appreciate the kindness. Just remember not to come off being too forward. Sometimes a friendly stance is the best way to start with the idea of romance being once you build up a little knowledge of one another. It's really, sincerely okay to just have casual conversation back and forth before even considering romance.

I send an automated, pre-written message upon registration now and have found that over 50% of people reply to me. The message is just a welcome message with some handy dandy site tips and motivation to help people stay hopeful while searching. While I use to receive only about 3 messages a week at most, I now receive a few dozen. That's a massive "improvement" and I think it speaks volumes about it being okay to share a kind little greeting to help create a comfortable atmosphere. People appreciate kindness and I, personally, think we need to share a little more of that to make the world a better place.

So, hey, don't be afraid to search! Even typical, "vanilla", people struggle to find their special someone in the world. You will have to put in some effort but the payoff will be worth it. Take your time, be up for platonic friendship, and network by making yourself safe and friendly in the public community so more people will be interested in getting to know you deeper.

Best of luck in your search!
admin Nov 10 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: dating, help, datecgl, features
HAHA HA i get a blog lmfao what bs can i play here.... 

Merry Christmas (or happy holidays for y'all who don't celebrate commercialism) and all that...

But now the day is done, we can throw it all back in storage and get on with it. 

Don't get me wrong, i do love Christmas, spending time with the family, seeing everyone you may have forgotten about, great meals, seeing the smiles whem they get an awesome gift, laughs of children, all the nonsense that is celebrating shopping (Christmas).

..... Well that's not what i expected... AAAANYWAYS

What up? Hi, welcome to the blog i shouldn't be allowed to have cause it might go real bad real quick. I don't plan these out, i just start typing and see what we end up with lol...

I don't care if you get offended so.... If easily offended... Have a great day/night and thank you for at least checkin it out here...

If you're still here, im not gonna censor no more so keep chill, cool? Damn straight.

But yeah, not planned, not sure what's going on in my own head at any given time, and not trying to make you cry (i don't know who "you" are, so get off my back)...

It is really a problem to me lmfao i hate it, i might go days+ without a word and suddenly i can't shut the fuck up. It doesn't make sense, it probably doesn't get whatever i wanted across proper, and it's most likely irritating to y'all. 

But that's what happens, and i don't care none so much anymore, I'm gonna just be me and if ya can't handle, i ain't the one for you. 

Which is fine, nobody loves everyone and no one is loved by everyone, right? 

I dunno, if you read this all, awesome... If you skipped through to this point, fuck off my page..

Feel free to ask me anything! G'night y'all

Shybabyeevee Dec 26 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: nonsense, rude?, honesty
I'm new to this. I'm a little looking for a mommy! Or ABDL/CG TOO. I need help....otay!? Pwease understand.
HappyLittleDrummer Jul 11 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: new
It seems the only mommys I've chatted with are pro dommes or scams.  I've always put myself out there trying to meet someone, but end up breaking my own heart in the process..  I take care of myself, and I'd like to find a partner who does the same.  For real tho... are there any women out there who like to take on the mommy/caretaker role in a heterosexual relationship?  Is it just folklore?  I'd give up the search, but I'd be lying to myself, and I don't lie.  So if there are success stories, then great!  I'd love to hear them.  It would help non the less.
Littleboyblue86 Mar 25 '19 · Comments: 1
Is there something wrong with me I can't seem to figure it out I try and I try and I try to be the best man I can be I'm super sweet to any woman and I'm even more sweeter to the one that I'm talking to you more than friends but somehow one way or another I wind up crying I wind up upset because I was either let on used to try to get money out of me or just flat-out ghosted for community that I thought would be the most loving caring I pictured in my mind is like a giant hug but I was also wrong it's like a giant brick wall that if you don't know the lingo then you're going to get called out if you don't understand consent then you're going to get called out if you're even annoying then see I wouldn't want to be at I've had the most difficult time trying to feel a part of this community tard it's hard on my soul on my heart and it's just painful I wouldn't want anybody else to go through this I can stop messaging everybody that I'm in contact with and I bet you I wouldn't hear back from anybody I wouldn't hear from them at all not even like a hey where you been that's the sad part should I give up should I just not even try being someone's little should I only be a daddy would I even be wanted as a daddy she's so many questions I just raced through my mind I feel like I'm rambling now I'm sorry lunch break Confessions Part 1 to be continued LOL
Bayareababy779 Feb 18 '19 · Comments: 1
I hope to find a daddy soon! Or mommy!
Wittlekitten Jul 23 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #hopefullittle
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