I'm feeling kinda small right now and being away from home is hard.

I miss my Pengu...I wish I could have brought him with me :( he's probably so lonely without me

And all the stuff I left behind...my sippy cups and playdough and stuff...what if my parents find it?? I can't do anything though so if they find it I just gotta deal with it I guess. 

But yeah I guess i feeling small and vulnerable

penguingirl Oct 5 '18
So for the fourth time of being here and talking to someone on here I'm officially done I've had it. Every time I feel I connect with someone on here it ends abruptly by them blocking me and that hurts... Really bad I mean I know I'm not attractive and a piece of trash but dang... So if anyone wants to talk I really need to vent... I don't wanna do anything stupid...
O_0daddytrav0_0 Oct 4 '18 · Tags: i'm done...
So my kitten Sebastian might pass away soon due to consuming antifreeze someone left down so ya I'm a be really emotional and fucked up for the next few days so if anyone wants to message me feel free to
Woot woot I am off work for today so who would like to chat I'm so bored
Hai! I'm very new to this site just made an account so not very sure what I may find here. But I'd really like to meet some people and talk. I'm a bit shy to be honest but once I get to know someone a little bit I'm very open. If you would like to get to know me please please shoot me a message! :)
I think my daddy lef me. He has no message me for longgg times. Dis make me really sads, and nows I started being little space 24/7 and get big trouble. I needs helps

LolliKitty Aug 16 '18 · Comments: 3
Hiiii! I’m new here and just looking to see if anyone wants to chat?? I’m bored right now
I’m looking for a daddy/caregiver in the Roxboro NC area. I love cuddles and movie time! I could play games all night long. I’m just really lonely.
Hello everyone! <br />
I am not only new to this website but also to the community. About a month ago I was asked twice within a week if I am a little and back then I had no idea what that was suppose to be :o<br />
I did my research then and first thought “no that’s not me” mainly because I couldn’t see myself as a baby. But then I discovered that there is the so called little age and that the 8-10 years range did fit me quite well. <br />
<br />
Now you might thing, why do I think so? <br />
Well I collect plushies and I can’t sleep without them. Most people think I look about 4-5 years younger than my actual age. I often hear that my cute clothing style looks kinda childish. <br />
I can’t imagine myself being all by my own and doing all the adult thinks like taking care of contracts and stuff ... <br />
I don’t feel like a 20 year old I always felt like I was still a child. <br />
On top of that I am suuuuupppeeer emotional (due to being a HSP). <br />
<br />
That does not mean that I can’t do stuff on my own or wouldn’t want to have a job and stuff. I like to be independent but I still want someone that has my back and can help me handle stuff that’s hard for me ^^ <br />
<br />
I don’t know if I go into little space, at least I have never realized it and I wouldn’t know how to. Maybe it’s just always kinda there? I really don’t know ... it’s just like part of my personality maybe ... <br />
<br />
As you may see I am still totally unsure about all of this and how to explain. <br />
For example while I love to dress super cute and maybe childish I also love to dress sexy (but not reveling!).<br />
<br />
What am I looking for? <br />
I hope to find others that can relate and maybe help me find out more about myself :) <br />
I prefer to get to know someone slowly so I can build trust! So don’t come and fall with the door into the house please >< <br />
<br />
I also don’t feel comfortable with people that are more than about 5 years older than me. I’m sorry :<
Oh and do not(!!!) sent friend requests if we haven’t even talked before! <br />
<br />
Anyways if anyone wants to talk please feel free to message me no matter what you identify as!!<br />
<br />
Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night/morning :>
I'm David and just joined this site, hoping to make new friends and explore my identity as a DL. Hope everyone is well :)
amu1989 Jul 27 '18
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