I really want a cg and someone to date. Someone willing to spoil me and comfort me when I'm sad.
Kittenlilagere Jul 24 '22 · Tags: littlespace

The thing I want/need most in life is to have my dream daddy. He would help me get into little space, spoil me by taking care of me, give me bubble baths, let me play with toys, let my wear diapers when I’m feeling extra little, help me do stuff when I’m feeling little like brush my hair, help get me dressed/ pick out clothes, give me sippy cups or bottles to drink from, give and enforce rules, and punish me if I break any rules.

BabyGirlsPalace Jul 22 '22 · Comments: 2 · Tags: abdl, daddy, ddlg, little, littlespace
I'm looking for a mommy around paw paw Michigan, who also would love to wear diapers, wants to change my diapers wants me to change her diapers, also I like being breastfed and I'm not shy about going out in public in diapers.
I been looking for a mommy   take care of me but i have not found a mommy  yet  ???????? but that ok that just means i have yet to find the right mommy for me   an that theres a mommy out there that wants me 
I am looking for a Daddy Dom in Orange County CA. I am hoping to find a loving, caring, but yet has a farm hand that a brat can't ran from. I am new at being a little. I have been a sub/salve for years and I want to do something new. Being regressed has been on my mind for a few months now and It is something that i would like to do now. I can be a brat at times. I just hope to find the one true Daddy that can actually be a Daddy and not say he's a daddy and when we meet he can't be a daddy and he is nothing to be what he says he was. This has been the last few that I have meet over the years. looking for someone that is honest and knows what he is wanting. I am not wanting a LDR. I want to find RTR. 

I do have KIK
I really wanna find my perfect daddy Dom it's been a dream of mine for a long time. I started playing with myself at a young age so that just never changed, age play was always there but a man who can also meet the ddlg part, as well as mixing it with bdsm that's my idiol
Theurbanpunk Sep 8 '21 · Comments: 1 · Tags: little ddlg searching thedaddyforme
I have always naturally regressed to the ages 5-10 Finding how common it is and learning when it’s happening is so interesting. I’m new to expressing this peaceful side of myself and I’d like to know anything and everything that has to do with age regression and little space. Maybe what things I would enjoy or.. anything! —Thank you☺️☺️
Sweetbbygirl1 Jun 21 '21
Starting my new shop! My shop has to be 18+. I’m sorry to those under 18. My shop will do giveaways- all you have to do is have your Caregiver or yourself signup, enter a drawing and probably like $2. Anyway!!! 
We will be selling handmade items: 
Clothing for Friends 
Resin Pieces (includes but not limited to: DND pieces, animals, jewelry, etc!! There’s lots of pretty colors to choose from! And glitter!!!) 
Bath bombs! (Not just in circles but fun shapes too!) 
Custom Pacis! 
Other custom items! 
Subscription Boxes!! 

Kitty_Karkar Jan 3 '21
Any littles or age players in south Australia 
BadDad Dec 10 '20 · Tags: little
How common is teenage/preteen regression, it seems to be something fairly uncommon on this site at least. Is it something that most caregivers dont seek out?
Sunny_Skies Nov 5 '20
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