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I’m nervous but excited to be here. I’m really hoping I can find someone to nurture me and give me love and affection. I can be shy at first but I promise I give my everything when it’s right. Feel free to reach out to me
Fudfion Jan 8 · Comments: 1 · Tags: caregiver, mommy
Hi everyone I'm kitty  looking for a mommy or daddy to take care of me in little space I enjoy playing video games with my friends I like to color and read books and id like to learn.
I miss having a Mommy to text as soon as I wake up and tell about a dream I had. I miss having a Mommy to role play with me online. I miss having a Mommy to text all day while Daddy is at work and who will send me cute memes and texts. I miss having a Mommy to reassure me that she loves me. I miss having a Mommy that puts me as a priority in her life. I miss having a Mommy that is my best friend. I miss having a Mommy who I can talk about girly things with when I don't feel like talking to Daddy. I miss having a Mommy who will follow the rules and have an open dialogue and even friendship with my Daddy. I miss having a Mommy who will help me be the best little girl I can be. Simply put, I MISS HAVING A MOMMY!
While searching groups, I came upon Breastfeeding lgbt+ and that's fine, but I wonder why such a group is limited to lgbt+ and if they wish to keep it that way, then why not create another one? Personally, I would join, and my spider sense tells me I'm not the only one. You know, 90% of the population does not understand or accept many of the lifestyles, interests and kinks that are found here. 15 years ago, I realized there was a term and a community for someone like me. That was a great day. It was a less great day when I discovered that if you were a self admitted ABDL boy, good luck to you, if you live in the U.S. While Europe seems much more open, here, the community is much more accepting of girls and the ddlg dynamic, for example. But if you desire a mdlb relationship and not interested in sissification or humiliation (which, in current times seems to be the only way boys are more accepted, due to the fact that somehow all these aspects became intertwined over the years) I just think that if there's only a relatively small part of the world that could openly welcome you, it should. There is a very well know site (I won't give the name because I don't promote or endorse them in any possible way) but they seem to be the worst offenders at being a closed society. After a valiant 3 attempts at being a member, I had such a negative experience, I had to leave and truly felt worthless. From the moment you signed up, any male who attempted to speak to a female was considered a creep before they utter a word, no matter what the intent. Some may call this a rant. It isn't. It's a voice of years of experience, trying to point out and change things that haven't yet changed.
 I must say I'm new to this, so...just a bit shy. Who am I? Actor/writer/film consultant and Rock N Roll altarboy  by day, animal cracker eater by night. I am a lifestyle AB/DL. Meaning, it's not a hobby or what I consider a kink, it's just me 24/7. I'm very good at being an "adult" on the outside whenever the situation dictates. You would never knowPrimarily, I'm here for friendship that may just become something more. I invite you to get to know me, see how we click. Who knows? If you have the kind of personality and desire for a developed MDlb relationship, based on all of the qualities that make any good relationship, you might just find one with me. I am currently in Texas, but I am open to long distance or online to begin. I know from friends, if the planets line up just right, it may just become local. Are you up for some small talk?

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