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The thing I want/need most in life is to have my dream daddy. He would help me get into little space, spoil me by taking care of me, give me bubble baths, let me play with toys, let my wear diapers when I’m feeling extra little, help me do stuff when I’m feeling little like brush my hair, help get me dressed/ pick out clothes, give me sippy cups or bottles to drink from, give and enforce rules, and punish me if I break any rules.

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I love wearing diapers and regressing but one of my favorite scenarios is to be potty trained. It sounds strange but it brings together a few things I really enjoy that don’t directly involve wearing diapers.

The first is bladder control and I'm not talking about how long I can hold it for. I enjoy having to ask permission to use the bathroom and being given or better yet denied permission to go. It's the ultimate loss of control, having to go but not being allowed to because "you're learning to hold it until you can use the bathroom". This goes along well with a D/s relationship where someone else is in control and you have to do what they say. There’s also a joy in being a dom and watching your sub squirm because they need to pee but are not allowed to.

This usually leads to another favorite activity, wetting my pants. There’s something special in losing control and flooding your pants, it’s taboo, easily noticeable and really embarrassing. It makes me feel really small and quickly gets me into little space. The desperation leading up to it and the relief you feel right before the embarrassment sets in is amazing and it confirms that you’re not yet big enough to be out of diapers.

The next part is something I both love and hate, punishments. You’ve been asked to hold your pee, you failed and are now in soaking wet pants (hopefully not in public) and you can only think of one thing… what is my punishment going to be? Typically this means a spanking, probably some corner time and maybe losing a privilege but either way being punished is all a part of being little and getting potty trained.

After the spanking and corner time comes the best part, back in diapers! It’s a fun journey to take, going from desperate to pee, embarrassed and humiliated, then a sore bottom, a thick diaper, and cuddles from your CG. It’s a lot of things that I don’t necessarily enjoy while in the moment but looking back on them makes me really happy. I’d gladly be potty trained (consequences and all) any time!

I’ll have to follow up this post with some stories of times I’ve played out this scenario. Has anyone else ever tried something like this? How did you like it?

Help me be the me that I was meant to be 

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While searching groups, I came upon Breastfeeding lgbt+ and that's fine, but I wonder why such a group is limited to lgbt+ and if they wish to keep it that way, then why not create another one? Personally, I would join, and my spider sense tells me I'm not the only one. You know, 90% of the population does not understand or accept many of the lifestyles, interests and kinks that are found here. 15 years ago, I realized there was a term and a community for someone like me. That was a great day. It was a less great day when I discovered that if you were a self admitted ABDL boy, good luck to you, if you live in the U.S. While Europe seems much more open, here, the community is much more accepting of girls and the ddlg dynamic, for example. But if you desire a mdlb relationship and not interested in sissification or humiliation (which, in current times seems to be the only way boys are more accepted, due to the fact that somehow all these aspects became intertwined over the years) I just think that if there's only a relatively small part of the world that could openly welcome you, it should. There is a very well know site (I won't give the name because I don't promote or endorse them in any possible way) but they seem to be the worst offenders at being a closed society. After a valiant 3 attempts at being a member, I had such a negative experience, I had to leave and truly felt worthless. From the moment you signed up, any male who attempted to speak to a female was considered a creep before they utter a word, no matter what the intent. Some may call this a rant. It isn't. It's a voice of years of experience, trying to point out and change things that haven't yet changed.
 I must say I'm new to this, so...just a bit shy. Who am I? Actor/writer/film consultant and Rock N Roll altarboy  by day, animal cracker eater by night. I am a lifestyle AB/DL. Meaning, it's not a hobby or what I consider a kink, it's just me 24/7. I'm very good at being an "adult" on the outside whenever the situation dictates. You would never knowPrimarily, I'm here for friendship that may just become something more. I invite you to get to know me, see how we click. Who knows? If you have the kind of personality and desire for a developed MDlb relationship, based on all of the qualities that make any good relationship, you might just find one with me. I am currently in Texas, but I am open to long distance or online to begin. I know from friends, if the planets line up just right, it may just become local. Are you up for some small talk?

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