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After putting some thought into it and I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to actually pull this off.  But some going to do an ABDL pokemon go run.  The most difficult part of this whole cockamamie idea of mines is picking a proper time of night to do this in.  Only because I’m doing this by myself and I wouldn’t really feel safe driving around fully dressed as a little girl in broad daylight.  So it has to be at night, so the idea is for me to rent a car for a couple of days and get a hotel room nearest to the cluster of pokey stops in the area.  I do have a target hotel in mind that is near a cluster of  stops and has rooms on the ground floor next to parking spaces.  So I can make entering and exiting my room and secretive as possible.  Hopefully I can have three good night’s doing this and I’m going to have three separate outfits for each night.  Possibly one that is going to be put together from bits and pieces from a woman’s clothing store.  In other dress that I’m totally going to put together from scratch and the third dress is going to be something that I buy online.  I’m really excited about doing this and yes I’m going to take pictures and possibly some video of me playing the game.  My thought process also involves possibly doing a stream before I go out detailing what I want to do.  Right now everything is just in the planning stages and I was thinking about what could be a decent night for me to pull this off.  I’m hoping to find some good deals on the car rental and a hotel that I want to stay that.  I don’t want is to be too cold and I absolutely don’t want to be too hot as well.  Since I’m going to be wearing outfits that are going to be rather bulky and cumbersome.  The diaper is going to be a special thing and I’m going to have to deal with it.  I have no idea if I want to wear something really bulky or something that’s really thin?  I think is going to depend on the weather conditions that night.  If I do go with a thick diaper it’s going to be a three layer system.  A disposable diaper covered by a cotton diaper with a plastic cover.  But like I said before it’s a cockamamie idea that I have already started to do some research on.  So I’m going to put this in a bog a keep people posted on my progress.

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