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General History of Spain from KarenOC's blog

611: Muslim invasion of Gothic-occupied Hispania (former Roman province)

718: Liberation of Cantabria from Muslim occupation

751: Foundation of the Caliphate of Cordoba

572 - 1010: Minor border changes and gains from Christian kingdoms

1011: Cordoba begins to collapse into several small emirates

1012 - 1139: more territory taken by Castile, Aragon and Leon, three of the Christian kingdoms

1140: Founding of Portugal

1231: union between Castile and Leon, leaving Castile, Portugal, and Aragon

1480: Iberian Wedding unites Castile and Aragon in a personal union

1492: Capture of Grenada, Islam is kicked off the Iberian Peninsula

1511: Castilian participation in the War of the League of Cambrai

1516: Union of Castile and Aragon into the Kingdom of Spain

1519: A temporary union between Spain and Austria leaves Spain with most of the Low Countries

1546: Spanish Participation in the Schmalkaldie War

1551: Spanish Participation in the Habsburg - Valois War

1580: Spanish Participation in the Eighty Years War, Formation of the Iberian Union between Spain and Portugal

1595: France invades Spanish occupied Calais

1625: Spanish participation in the Thirty Years War

1640: Portuguese Restoration war sees Spain lose its union over Portugal

1648: End of Eighty Years War, sees Netherlands gain independence from Spain

1683: Spanish participation in the War of the Reunions

1688: Spanish participation in the War of the Grand Alliance

1701: War of Spanish Succession sees Spain ruled by the house of Boubon

1733: Spanish participation in the War of Polish Succession

1741: Spanish participation in the War of Austrian Succession

1762: Spanish participation in the Seven Years War

1779: Spain intervenes in the War of American Independence on the side of America

1793 - 1813: Spanish involvement in the Napoleonic Wars

1810 - 1820: Latin American Wars of independence see Spain lose most of its empire

1883: Spain colonizes Western Sahara in part of the Scramble for Africa

1898: Spanish - American War sees Spain lose Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam

1931: Foundation of the Spanish Republic

1937 - 1941: Spanish Civil War, Franco takes power

1976: Decolonization of Spanish Africa, Franco dies, Spain becomes Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

1983: Spain joins NATO

2017: Catalonian independence referendum, Spain takes direct control over Catalonia

2018: Present day

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