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While searching groups, I came upon Breastfeeding lgbt+ and that's fine, but I wonder why such a group is limited to lgbt+ and if they wish to keep it that way, then why not create another one? Personally, I would join, and my spider sense tells me I'm not the only one. You know, 90% of the population does not understand or accept many of the lifestyles, interests and kinks that are found here. 15 years ago, I realized there was a term and a community for someone like me. That was a great day. It was a less great day when I discovered that if you were a self admitted ABDL boy, good luck to you, if you live in the U.S. While Europe seems much more open, here, the community is much more accepting of girls and the ddlg dynamic, for example. But if you desire a mdlb relationship and not interested in sissification or humiliation (which, in current times seems to be the only way boys are more accepted, due to the fact that somehow all these aspects became intertwined over the years) I just think that if there's only a relatively small part of the world that could openly welcome you, it should. There is a very well know site (I won't give the name because I don't promote or endorse them in any possible way) but they seem to be the worst offenders at being a closed society. After a valiant 3 attempts at being a member, I had such a negative experience, I had to leave and truly felt worthless. From the moment you signed up, any male who attempted to speak to a female was considered a creep before they utter a word, no matter what the intent. Some may call this a rant. It isn't. It's a voice of years of experience, trying to point out and change things that haven't yet changed.

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Jan 25 '18

I wanted to address a couple of things and include my opinions.

1. If you are referencing groups on DateCGL then please understand that they are user-created. They are not made by the admin or moderators. They are not pre-made groups. They are truly what people have determined is a group they wanted to have, to connect to specific people within about a specific topic.

If you'd like a MDLB or straight-coupling breastfeeding group then please do feel free to create one. If you don't add an image to the group then I personally go through and create a quick little one that matches the site just so that it isn't blank. Leaving it blank seems to deter people from joining and I like the idea of people connecting! :)

2. I, personally, have experience with multiple MDLB relationships in the past where we did not engage in "sissification" or humiliation. Neither of these things personally interest me, including within the Mommy role. I am from the United States. I agree with you that it has become the "mainstream" idea within the generalized ABDL/CGL community that males should become "sissy" to be desirable, but I feel like the truth is likely somewhat opposite in the workings of reality. That is only based on my personal experience, feelings, and observations though.

3. Really, go ahead and make groups you feel should be made if they don't already exist. Again, I don't make them. Other users make them. Other users just like you. I only post a corresponding-to-the-chosen-title image if none is submitted upon creation.

YOU can actually start the change you want to see.


Warmest Wishes,


P.S. If you are referencing an Introduction denial at Littlespace Online (and I generally do believe you are; surprise, I own that site too if you were unaware) then it had nothing to do with your gender, sexual preference, relationship status, general perception of you being a "creep", or anything other than the fact that the Introduction rules were not met during the "three attempts" to "become a member".

I wanted to address a couple of things and include my opinions.

1. If you are referencing groups on DateCGL then please understand that they are user-created. They a...See more
Feb 8 '18
For those of you who read this, I was talking about a site that is very old and established and caters any fetish or interest you can imagine. And some you can't.
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