when i'm deep into little space i regress quite a bit. there's nothing i want more right now than a daddy or mommy to cuddle wiff me <3 sometimes i feel really really sad because my ex daddy hurt me really badly and it feels like i can't trust anyone :(. i don't like feeling like this and its hard to communicate when im little and no one around me knows i'm little... i hope i can just forget all about my ex; i'm sorry i'm so sad~ 
I’m nervous but excited to be here. I’m really hoping I can find someone to nurture me and give me love and affection. I can be shy at first but I promise I give my everything when it’s right. Feel free to reach out to me
Fudfion Jan 8 · Comments: 1 · Tags: caregiver, mommy
Hi everyone I'm kitty  looking for a mommy or daddy to take care of me in little space I enjoy playing video games with my friends I like to color and read books and id like to learn.
Hi my username is Delta (not my actual name you will have to get to know me if you want to know) I'm still kinda new here and was wondering if there is a lonely mommy out there, that wants a guy who isn't little 24/7.

I just want a reel woman to snuggle up with and bond with over a movie, of a coffee and get to know each other ya know. I'm free to message of ya want to talk. But heads up I'm pretty blunt with my words
Delta Nov 24 '23 · Tags: greetings
Hi not really sure what to put in here, but I'm currently looking for and hoping to find a Daddy/Caregiver.
I want a Daddy that has lots of time to spend with me and that can be patient with me. And that doesn't mind having to deal with a really clingy little that needs a lot of reassurance and stuff. I dont mind something long distance at first, but if there is a real connection I would want to relocate, as I would prefer to have a Daddy/Caregiver I can live with eventually.
I’ve been in this lifestyle for a few years but haven’t gotten to really do it in 2 years.  I do miss it.  I am new here.  I have snap and discord. Discord is warstrider4011 and snap is thatcrazylife1.  I hope to hear from you soon
Stridersr7 Nov 18 '23
i really want a daddy to take care of me i would b very very obedient and i would love to explore little space with him ><!!
Aika Nov 14 '23 · Tags: caregiver, little, little space
hello :] 
i've gotten deeper into the agere/baby scene, and in this process, i've really wanted to find other babies to talk to and a daddy! i'm a young baby regressor (sfw) who uses diapers and i'm online quite a bit. i speak english and danish fluently. i have bpd + DID. if you're interested please dm, i promise you won't regret it! xoxo 
larsiebaby Nov 8 '23 · Tags: daddy, friends, looking
Hello. I'm new here and I'm a little embarrassed. I'm looking for someone with whom we could explore the little space theme together, I really want to accept myself. It's very difficult for me to do this alone. English is not my native language, I'm from Russia. In my country there is no concept of LS. That's why no one knows how to treat me right. I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now, I like slow dynamics and long-term communication. I would like to communicate with a person in the dynamics of LS, also outside of it. I am 23 years old, I am not a student, I work. Adequate, although with its own quirks. I like reading fan fiction, very cold coffee, and the color green.
My favorite month is October, I hate winter. I love the Marvel universe, Harry Potter and other fandoms. I love talking about books, going to museums and talking about my life. I like it when people treat me tenderly. I'm looking for someone willing to move at a slow pace. The one who will withstand me mentally.
Severa Nov 6 '23
I hope my future Daddy is ready to take lots of pictures and little videos for the Littlespace YouTube channel I hope to start once I’m able to. I’ve always wanted both of those and finding a person/people who would welcome it is what I’m looking for. (I don’t show my face in pictures on social media so it’s ok if you’re the same way hehe)

I just wanna take cute partner pictures (like N3ko Mom and Dad, Bunni and Anubis, and the other DDLG couples) 
LostwittleAngel Oct 24 '23 · Tags: daddy, poly, youtube
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