Imagine: Me and you, Union Station in Kansas City, it's snowing all around us while we ice skate to Frank Sinatra. Of course it's cold out, but we've both got hot chocolate, and you're wearing something special under your pants to keep you even warmer...Don't worry, it'll be our little secret darling, I know you don't wear them because you want to ;) Everybody around us will be oblivious as we ice skate and have a great night together, but we'll be in on a kinky little secret, and those are the best kinds of secrets. So tell me, are you interested yet?
311_KC Nov 23 · Tags: diapers
Tonight daddy I had wayyyy too much to drink... 
You're not here, so there's not much to do...
Here's my little note for you.

Since I've been dreaming of daddy...this is for you...
"Have a drink baby", he says as he lifts me up against the wall. My lips to to the bottle, licking and tasting with need.

Slowly swaying with you, 
Trippin' in my feelings
Dreaming of you.

Dancing for daddy, 
Just like in my dreams
This time no audience 
Just you and me...

Every dream you say...
"Have a sip of me baby."
I would do so gladly, anything to make you happy...
Anything to fulfill your needs...

You tell me I'm your crazy lil baby,
Bubbly and sweet !
Angelic, yet with a devilish streak...

I am only crazy about you, 
Crazy enough to imagine 
What more could happen if I gave you all.

Daddy gazes into my eyes intensely; 
It makes me happy to be his little girl.
Gripping me tightly
Playing with my hair
Not letting go, 
Daddy says, 
Taste angel
Have drink  of me baby
This is all for you.

When you get this, just know that I'm a text away. Available and waiting for you to reach out to me.


I'll keep writing until you find me. . . 
These love notes are for you. 


To him I go, 
Quick fix 
Long term fix
My only fix

To him I go,
As I wait & yearn
Awaiting his words, 
Could it be love?

To him I go...
I trust my intuition ;
It got me here in the first place !
As I patiently wait for his sweet words.
To stir a fire within me, 
Within us
I'd fall for it all
His delicious words
His body
All of me for him & only him♡

To him I go... 


Giving love a chance one last time. If you enjoyed this, send me a message. Who knows what could happen?

Prettyxbaby xxx


I really wanna find my perfect daddy Dom it's been a dream of mine for a long time. I started playing with myself at a young age so that just never changed, age play was always there but a man who can also meet the ddlg part, as well as mixing it with bdsm that's my idiol
I have always naturally regressed to the ages 3-6. Finding how common it is and learning when it’s happening is so interesting. I’m new to expressing this peaceful side of myself and I’d like to know anything and everything that has to do with age regression and little space. Maybe what things I would enjoy or.. anything! —Thank you☺️☺️????
Starting my new shop! My shop has to be 18+. I’m sorry to those under 18. My shop will do giveaways- all you have to do is have your Caregiver or yourself signup, enter a drawing and probably like $2. Anyway!!! 
We will be selling handmade items: 
Clothing for Friends 
Resin Pieces (includes but not limited to: DND pieces, animals, jewelry, etc!! There’s lots of pretty colors to choose from! And glitter!!!) 
Bath bombs! (Not just in circles but fun shapes too!) 
Custom Pacis! 
Other custom items! 
Subscription Boxes!! 

Any littles or age players in south Australia 
BadDad Dec 10 '20 · Tags: little
How common is teenage/preteen regression, it seems to be something fairly uncommon on this site at least. Is it something that most caregivers dont seek out?
Sunny_Skies Nov 5 '20
Often times i find that ABs and DLs of all sorts have interesting tastes in music, what kinds do you guys enjoy? Are there certain songs from cartoons or movies you guys sing along to in little space? I love to play music in normal life, but singing during a playtime is so fun. I think my favorite subgenre is death metal, but jazz fusion is great too and so is good old basic indie. Hit me up if you wanna talk music!
Okay. Where to begin?

So for years now, let's say about five years, I've been tossing back and forth about being a girl or a boy for the first four years or so. Not to say this is something that only started then, because I've wanted to be and felt like I was a boy sometimes before that too. It just happens that I didn't pay attention to stuff like that until I literally dreamt that I was a boy when I was sixteen. 

Now, when you grow up learning that there are only male and female as genders, you basically are what you were raised. So of course I was a girl, and wanting to be a boy or dressing that way sometimes is just me being me. Didn't help that I didn't have any friends I was able to compare situations with so as far as I was concerned, that was normal. 

Then by highschool, when I actually made friends, I had no reason to try and understand something that was normal. 

After that dream however, I was hit with a sudden realization that I definitely wanted to be a boy. Even before that, I used to google on whether or not I was a male in my past life. So, drastic as that reaction to a simple dream was, it made a lot of sense at the time. 

Then came the odd period of being self conscious whenever I select what clothes I would wear and those times I feel disgusted by my skirts or the other times my shorts feel too strange. 

I researched about changing genders and stumbled upon a whole list of different genders I didn't know existed. Bare in mind, I was already heading towards being classified as a little so seeing more things I knew nothing about before was only mildly shocking. 

Anyway, I did some research and thought things through and it just didn't feel right. Sometimes the female parts I had felt wrong but other times I didn't care because I accepted them and they were normal. I cringed at times when thinking about how I'd have sex and other time I didn't. There was even the time when I became depressed for a while because I wanted kids but the thought of baring them with my body sometimes felt wrong. 

It was a rough journey but in the end it was simple. 

Over the past year I've come to accept that yes I was female but I sometimes identified as a male(surprisingly this is mostly when I regress). During those times I don't like the terms she or her and actually preferred they or them. Sometimeshim or his are okay too, but it gets confusing when I once again begin to identify as my biological gender. 

I now have almost no problem when thinking about having kids in the future, although I now have a bit more fear about the process than I used to. I think that's probably because I now know too much though. And I am perfectly content with my new gender identity.  

I know I'm a big rubber ball of mess but I hope to find (a) Caregiver(s)/Dadd(ies) or maybe Momm(ies) because that's okay too, who can accept all of me and shower me with all the love and care I need and desire. 

- Love, 
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